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What was it like getting a 'happy ending' massage? - Quora

Answer: Really nice. I realize that there are no doubt many people who think it is sleazy, but I certainly don’t see it that way. Here were I stay, massages are very popular, and various types of massage are offered, such as traditional massage, Thai massage, foot massage, oil massage and etc.

How to know if a massage place offers full service - Quora

If by “full service” you mean sexual acts or happy ending included, the easiest way to find that out is to ask directly. If they say no, it's better that you do not insist. Have to understand also that “full service” can also mean a full package of real and legal body scrub, followed by massage with hot oil, hot towels or stones; and maybe mani/pedi and extras of the kind; usually done in a spa.

Is a ‘happy ending’ massage legal in India? - Quora

Happy ending in massage means full body massage with ejaculation of sperm of male or full orgasm of female client. Its not necessarily intercourse between the massager and client. We have a massage named as yoni massage to relax the vegina of women.

I Got A Happy Ending Massage (And Loved It)

I was at a regular spa. Photo Credit: iStock By Alex Alexander I’ve always heard of men going to special massage parlors for that happy ending “relief” at the end, but I had no idea if that ...

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What is happy ending in a spa Quora? A cliched conclusion in which all loose ends are tied up and all main characters are content. See also happily ever after. 2. When a massouse feels inclined to finish your session w/ oral sex or manual release (usually for an extra money). ←

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what is happy ending in a spa quora. In The Know. I don't want to get a happy ending with my massage, but let's say I did. What is a traditional Thai massage? A few minutes later, a woman who appears to be about our age mid-20s leads Nathan to the back of the building. How parents can help their kids cope.

5 Must-Know Tips Before Visiting An Asian Massage Parlor

You should always respectfully go to the massage parlor clean! Don’t show up sweaty or in a poor hygienic state. Having good personal hygiene is a must if you want to be treated well at the massage parlor. If you don’t take care of yourself, then the woman giving you a massage won’t take good care of you. Okay, she might take good care of ...

How to Get a Happy Ending Massage - Happy Ending Advice

First, open Google. Then find the right codes to let her know exactly how relaxed you want to be. I don't want to get a happy ending with my massage, but let's say I did. Is that even a ...

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If it’s a “happy ending” joint, they by no means ask. They often simply do it. It is the pre-massage indicators that you simply give them that can allow them to know that you simply’re hip and it’s on.